Our Mission

The First Responders Pack Foundation is a non-profit 501 (C)(3) organization committed to improving first responder mental health. We are raising funds to help agencies acquire and train therapy dogs to support their members and communities during moments of crisis. Improving therapy outcomes in the aftermath of traumatic events and fostering PEER connections for long-term support. Together we can make a difference.

Dean Moreno

Founder, Firefighter/Paramedic & Therapy Dog Handler

Our Founders

Dean & Oscar Moreno

My name is Dean Moreno, and this is my Yellow Labrador Retriever named Oscar. Oscar isn’t just a friend and companion. Oscar is a certified therapy dog and my partner.

Together we support local first responders and are a resource to the community. In times of need, crisis, and occupational trauma, we’re there: visiting first responders after a trauma at work; encouraging first responders and comforting victims at the Surfside collapse; providing a calming presence to first responders in rehab and other groups, such as those with Alzheimer’s and Dementia or Autism.

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Every dollar will go toward the expenses of acquiring and training therapy dogs to help first responders overcome trauma-based mental illness.

The Need for Therapy Dogs

“It’s estimated that 18-24% of dispatchers and 35% of police officers suffer from PTSD. Many first responders self-medicate with alcohol or other self-destructive and abusive behaviors in an effort to cope with the stress and trauma they deal with daily.” -NAMI